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June 13, 2012 in Travel, Work

Michigan Tech students are provided with tons of opportunities— like the experience of doing an internship or co-op! This week and next, I will share some of their stories with you; below are three students’ experiences. Thank you to the students willing to share their experience with the parents Michigan Tech!

Nicole Wright

Hi, my name is Nicole Wright and I will be a second-year mechanical engineering student this fall at Tech. I am from Grand Rapids, Michigan, and am working this summer as a manufacturing engineering intern for General Motors.

I work specifially at the Fuel Cell Activities Research and Development Center in Honeoyer Falls, New York. I started here on May 7, and will wrap up my summer internship on August 3. Believe it or not, I obtained this opportunity only one month into my first year at Tech. I polished off my resume and researched companies and marched myself up to the Fall Career Fair where I spoke briefly with a GM recruiter and had an official interview the next day.

Up until now, I wasn’t really sure what mechanical engineering entailed or even if it was for me. Interacting with and working alongside these brilliant and talented engineers, as well as getting hands-on experience in the field, has convinced me that I’m where I want to be. I seriously underestimated just how much this experience would impact me as a person, student, and future engineer. I look forward to returning to Tech in August with a whole new outlook on school and a suitcase full of new knowledge and skills. It is one thing to be book smart as an engineer, but it is another to be able to think and act as an engineer. I believe that my internship experience has taught me this and so much more.

Dan Stevenson

My name is Dan Stevenson, I’m an electrical engineering technology major from Grand Haven, Michigan. Last summer I interned at EMC Corporation in Lisle (about 30 minutes outside of Chicago), working as an account servicerepresentative to help customers better understand their products. I received the position from a scholarship resume database that I found through the financial aid office here at Tech. As an ASR intern, I really grasped the lifestyle of a fortune 500 company and obtained an unprecedented amount of understanding of working with customers. I try to see everything as a customer would, and always try to bridge the knowledge gaps.
I’m currently interning at Somero Enterprises Inc. in Houghton. I actually began during the school year part time. I adapted quickly to the way things work here, and I now work full time as an electrical engineer intern. I design electrical systems, pick components to replace old or inefficient ones, and I’ve really learned how to get things done as an engineer. Between reading data sheets to determine the correct part to order and actually ordering the part, there are numerous tests that need to be run and countless scenarios to play out.
I’ve learned that the world is a network of possibilities and if you place yourself in the center of that web, you can go anywhere you want. My internship is not even half done and I’ve learned so much and applied so much of my schooling… it’s somewhat surreal to think about!

Gabrielle Elser

Hi! My name is Gabrielle Elser and I am a scientific and technical communications major at Tech. I am a fourth-year from Milford, Michigan. I am currently working for Benteler Tube Management GmbH in Paderborn, GERMANY! I am currently living and working in Germany and have the opportunity to be here for eight months.

I am doing market research for Benteler and I really want to work in marketing in the future. I would like to work in the automotive industry as well, and this company supplies to many automotive companies. I have developed skills in the German language as well as living in a new culture. This is a huge contribution to my German minor at Tech. I have only been in Germany for a month and already my view of the world has changed.

While working abroad, I am keeping a blog about the experiences I have and places I visit. Feel free to follow me, or just check it out at

Samantha Allen,