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Summer Youth Programs

May 23, 2012 in Community, Housing


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Michigan Tech’s Youth Programs offer more than 50 weeklong summer learning programs—Mind Trekkers Camps for students in grades 6–8 and Career and Adventure Explorations for students in grades 9–11.

Students can choose to participate in one weeklong program or stay for several weeks and explore a variety of topics. In each session, participants spend approximately thirty-two hours exploring their areas of interest through hands-on labs, classroom activities, and field experiences. There are plenty to choose from! Explorations include aquatic ecology, digital photography, engineering (general, chemical, electric, materials, and more), forensic science and CSI, video game programming, and many more.

Programs are instructed by Michigan Tech faculty, graduate students, and local specialists. Youth Programs are truly more than ordinary summer camps—they provide middle school and high school students with the opportunity to experience what it’s like to take classes on a real campus and learn from university faculty and other experts. At Youth Programs, participants gain insight into areas they may wish to study in the future… it’s also a great place to make friends with similar interests from around the world. In past years, there were participants from across the United States, plus Puerto Rico, Austria, South Korea, Canada, and Columbia.

For more information, to view a listing of the explorations offered, or to register, visit 2012 Summer Camps & Career and Adventure Explorations.


Youth Programs participants who don’t commute locally are housed in Wadsworth Hall, Michigan Tech’s largest residence hall. During the academic year it houses approximately 1,000 students. In the summer, Wadsworth Hall is home to Youth Programs participants and staff; it’s also the site of many of after-class activities.

Student Staff

Youth Programs Staff 2011

In addition to the Youth Programs instructors and professional staff, student staff members also assist throughout the summer to make the programs a success, serving as activities counselors and residence counselors. Activities counselors lead fun recreational activities and games. Residence counselors supervise the participants during breakfast, lunch, and the evening hours. The residence counselors live in Wadsworth Hall with the young students; there are approximately ten students per residence counselor. The residence counselors hold nightly meetings to update the participants on upcoming recreational activities and other important information.

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