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Escape for Summer Break

April 21, 2011 in Housing, Travel, Uncategorized

The Week in Review

Michigan Tech students playing a game of Oozeball last Friday. Photo Credit: Michigan Tech

This last Thursday, April 14 Michigan Tech hosted the 10th annual Undergraduate Research Expo in the Memorial Union Building.  At the Undergraduate Expo, students had the opportunity to showcase and share their hard work and innovative ideas with fellow students, faculty, and staff.  This year’s expo included over 100 projects completed by student teams from Michigan Tech’s Enterprise, Senior Design, and Undergraduate Research Programs.  This year over 400 teams participated in the expo, including 14 High School Enterprise teams.

On Friday, April 15 Michigan Tech’s annual Spring Fling took place. Although it was chilly and windy outside Michigan Tech students still participated in the many outdoor events that were a part of the 80′s themed event. Believe it or not, not even the wind, chilly temperatures, or the clouds could keep Michigan Tech students away from the Oozeball Courts, the Full Throttle Motorcycle Show, or the free concert that was taking place!  On Saturday, April 16 students who signed up to participate in the Outdoor Adventure Program‘s Great Northern Adventure Race had a true northern adventure as they braved the cold temperatures, rain, sleet, and snow to win the race with their team.

Residence Hall Checkout Procedures

With less than one week of regular classes and then final exams, Michigan Tech students are ready for a much needed summer break.  Two weeks ago, students residing in the Residence Halls received the “You Deserve a Break” newsletter in their mailbox and via email. The newsletter contains all the necessary information regarding important checkout procedures.  Before students can leave for summer break they will need to make sure they return all the furniture in their room to it’s original setup.  Students will also need to vacuum and clean out their dresser and desk drawers.  48 hours prior to checking out students must make a checkout appointment with their Resident Assistant.   The Resident Assistant will verify that the student’s furniture is back to the original setup, that the room is clean, and that there are no damages to the room.  The Resident Assistant will provide students with a signed yellow checkout form after checking students rooms and students will take that form to their Residence Hall Reception Desk along with their key when they are ready to leave campus.  Following this checkout process is very important.  Improper checkout results in a $25 fee and students who do not turn in their key prior to leaving campus will receive a $50 fee.  Students who are not graduating this spring must vacate their room and properly checkout prior to 12 p.m. on Saturday, April 30.  Students who are graduating must vacate their room and properly checkout prior to 12 p.m. on Sunday, May 1.  The entrances to all residence halls will be locked at 5 p.m. on Sunday, May 1 and student’s ID cards will not permit them entry into the buildings.  Students with extenuating circumstances may request a late departure by filling out the Early Arrival Late Departure Form at under the online forms link.  A fee will be assessed to students registering for late departure.

Students checking out of the residence halls are to have their bed lofted with their desk and dresser underneath.

Mail:  Mail received after Saturday, April 30 will be forwarded to the home address students have on file with the University until June 4.  If a student will have a forwarding address different from their home address they will need to complete the top portion of their yellow checkout form before turning it into their Residence Hall Reception Desk.  It is also a good idea for students to verify that their home address is correct on Banweb by going to the Personal Information tab, and clicking on the View Addresses link.  Mail will only be forwarded until June 4 so it is extremely important for students to notify senders of their change of address as soon as possible.  All mail received after June 4 will be returned to sender.

Reminders for Students:  On Friday, April 29 the Wadsworth and McNair Dining Halls will close after lunch and the DHH Dining Hall will close after dinner.  The Campus Café in Wadsworth Hall will close on Friday, April 29 at 1 a.m.  Students who utilized the bike storage organized by the Residence Hall Councils will need to make arrangements to retrieve their bike if they have not already.  In addition, students must take their bikes home with them for the summer.  Any bikes left on the outside bike racks on Sunday, May 1 will be removed by Public Safety.  There is limited storage available for students who will be returning to the residence halls next year.  Students may keep a maximum of one box or plastic bin in storage.  Please note there is not room in storage for large furniture items such as futons or chairs.  Students who place a box in storage will not be able to access their belongings until the fall.  Residents who are not returning to live in the residence halls may not keep a box in storage.  Lastly, students who owe House Damage Fines or Equipment Checkout Fines must pay their fines to their Residence Hall Reception Desk by Saturday, April 30.

Final Exams:  Final exams will take place the week of Monday, April 25.  Starting Saturday, April 23 at midnight, 22 hour quiet hours will go into effect in the residence halls.  This means that students in the Residence Halls must remain quiet and be respectful to those who are studying in the Residence Halls 22 hours a day until Friday, April 29 at noon.  The consideration hours in which students can resume their normal daytime volume level are 12 p.m. to 1 p.m. and 5 p.m. to 6 p.m daily.  As a treat for students living in the residence halls each of the dining halls will have an ice cream social on Sunday, April 24 at 9 p.m.

For further information regarding Residence Hall checkout procedures please see the “You Deserve a Break” newsletter.  I wish your student the best of luck on final exams.  Please feel free to email me with any questions, comments, or suggestions you may have. Don’t forget to check back for next week’s article in which I will be writing about the upcoming spring commencement.