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Upcoming Summer Events

May 27, 2015 in Uncategorized

Hello Parents,

A photo of Quincy St. in Hancock circa 1890. The Fourth Thursday in History will on May 28 will center around 19th and 20th century photos of Hancock, Michigan. Photo courtesy of ViewsOfThePast.

A photo of Quincy St. in Hancock circa 1890. The Fourth Thursday in History presentation will on May 28 and will center around 19th and 20th century photos of Hancock, Michigan. Photo courtesy of ViewsOfThePast.

I hope you’re all having a great week! It’s been a few weeks since I’ve written to you, and a lot has happened. The “summer weather” still comes and goes (as usual), and Track A is on its way to being halfway complete, and will be by next Wednesday, June 3. It’s hard to believe how fast it goes by; it seems like the summer flies even faster than the school year!

We have a lot of great events coming up this week. On Thursday, May 28 we have a plethora of events taking place. The seventh annual Bike to Work Day will be underway, where local residents are invited to go green and reduce their carbon footprint by riding their bicycle to work rather than driving their vehicles. Rest stops and refreshments booths will be posted along the way in various areas throughout the Copper Country, both in the morning and the evening, so participants may enjoy a light refreshment and conversation with friends on their way to or from work. There will also be information on local bike transportation available so residents can learn more about environmentally friendly ways of travel. This is an awesome local event that celebrates both fitness and environmental health in a fun and enjoyable way. If your students are in Houghton for the summer, I would encourage them to participate by biking to school or work!

In addition, a workshop on driving research will also take place on Thursday. The Michigan Tech Transportation Institute (MTTI) will host a symposium on “Developing Partnership and Advancing Driving Research”. They are inviting all researchers interested in applications and user interfaces for in-vehicle purposes to participate. The workshop is designed to help determine and establish reasonable project ideas and collaborators for each project, determine funding options and logistics for each proposed project, and help create opportunities make the project proposal as competitive as possible. A catered lunch and refreshment reception will be provided. There will also be a demo session of the reserach facilities in the Mind Music Lab Machine the day before and after the event. There will be various guest speakers from all over the country present, including Andrew Kun from the University of New Hampshire, Bruce Walker from Georgia Technological University, Colln Castle from the Michigan Department of Transportation, and more. For more information on the Developing Partnership and Advancing Driving Research workshop, please visit the MTTI website.

Another event taking place this week is the Fourth Thursday in History. Throughout the summer, there will be presentations and symposiums on local and regional history that take place on the fourth Thursday of every month. This month’s Fourth Thursday in History is “Lost in Hancock”. This presentation focuses on early 20th century photographs of the City of Hancock that center around the buildings and structures that are no longer standing. Author John Haeussler will give the presentation and will show his own photographs from his book Hancock. For more information on the Fourth Thursday in History, please visit the Keweenaw Visitors Bureau website.

In addition, The Calumet Players will be performing the beloved story of Anne of Green Gables at the Calumet Theatre from Thursday, May 28 through Saturday, May 30. The story is centered around a young orphan, Anne, who is accidentally sent to an island in Nova Scotia to help an elderly family run their farm. Performances will be at 7:30 pm and tickets cost $12. For more information on the Anne of Green Gables, please visit the Calumet Theatre website.

There is a lot going on this week and weekend, and if your students are up here I hope they take advantage of these opportunities and enjoy the Houghton summer! If you have any questions about any of the above events, or would like to see more information written on a specific topic, please feel free to email me at Have a great remainder to your week! Until next time!