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Orientation Week

August 21, 2015 in Academics, Events, Housing, Recreation

Hello Parents!

Orientation Week (O-Week) can bring out the best in students.  There is a lot to gain from participating in this week as they learn all about what Michigan Tech has to offer!  They are assisted by their Orientation

Throughout O-Week there are activities available to get new students involved.

Throughout O-Week there are activities available to get new students involved.

Team Leaders (OTLs) in realizing their potential, and they are provided the time and opportunity to get out and explore. Whether that exploration be of the campus, the community, the Keweenaw, or all the groups and clubs, there is no shortage of options. There is definitely something for everyone.

One of the most important parts of O-Week is the Orientation Team Leaders. These are students who have been hired to work with incoming first-year students, and they provide valuable insight on Michigan Tech and university life. During the week, the OTLs work with groups of students to debrief after presentations, tour buildings and campus resources, and build relationships before the beginning of the semester. I had a great experience with my OTL, and I am still able to go to him with questions or even just to talk. I cannot say enough about how awesome OTLs truly are. They put in the effort to be available to first-year students and provide a smooth and fun transition into the throes of college life.

Another part of O-Week that is incredibly useful and interesting for all students is Day Zero. It was one of my favorite parts about orientation.  Day Zero classes are meant to give students an idea of what  some of the core or university wide classes are like (such as Calculus, Chemistry, and Global Issues), and they are set up to introduce professors and the material to be covered. It is an invaluable experience to get a head start on the semester and see what’s going on.

Of course, there is a significant amount of other activities, presentations, and events that occur during O-Week. There is always a chance to get involved, whether it be with trips around the Keweenaw,  free movies put on by Film Board, or on-campus events. The events that students participate in during O-Week can translate into involvement during the school year, new friends, and a better idea of everything that Michigan Tech has to offer.

There is plenty to do and see while in the Keweenaw. For more information on the schedule of events during Move-In Weekend and Orientation Week, click here. Otherwise, feel free to contact me at

Have a great week!