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LeaderShape 2014

October 16, 2013 in Academics, Events, Uncategorized

Hello Parents,

This week marks the half-way point for students this semester! We only have seven more weeks of classes until the end—Winter Break—and five more

2013 LeaderShape Alumni

2013 LeaderShape Alumni

until Thanksgiving break. It has definitely flown by! This part of the semester is always the hardest because it’s the longest stretch with no breaks. But it just makes the semester go by that much more quickly!

Applications are now available for students to apply for the LeaderShape® Institute. LeaderShape® is a weeklong leadership retreat that teaches students of all levels what it means and what it takes to be successful, effective leaders. The program focuses on how to “lead with integrity” and incorporates many concentrated and interactive activities for students to learn what this means in an intensive, hands-on approach. The institute takes place during the last week of Winter Break, January 6–11, so participants do not miss classes. Thanks to many generous donations from Michigan Tech and LeaderShape® alumni, it costs just $100 for students to participate.

I myself am a 2012 LeaderShape® alumna, so I’m very excited to be sharing this topic with you today! LeaderShape® was definitely an unforgettable and once-in-a lifetime experience that is invaluable to students seeking to be the best leaders they can be. Here’s what other students say about LeaderShape®:

”For me, LeaderShape® was an opportunity to explore who I am: my strengths and weaknesses as a person and as a leader. The environment was so open that I felt I could talk about who I am now and who I strive to be in the future without fear of criticism. LeaderShape® helped me set goals for the kind of world I want to create and equipped me with new resources to go pursue my dreams. To me, the ideal of LeaderShape® wasn’t to TEACH us how to be leaders, but rather to BUILD us into leaders.” – Will Lehman, fourth-year psychology major, 2013 LeaderShape® alumnus

“LeaderShape® provided me an amazing opportunity to meet many student leaders from across Michigan Tech’s campus. Starting each day bright and early, the week is filled with intense and thought-provoking activities. At night I had the opportunity to get to know the friends I was making on a deeper level, and while I did not know it at the time, they would become an essential part of my future growth in my courses and around campus. A big part of LeaderShape ® is the development of a vision. I suppose mine was originally just a dream, the chance to make a difference around the world by working on a service project. Today I am a member of the Pavlis Institute for Global Technological Leadership and will be traveling to Ghana during the summer of 2014. Opportunities like LeaderShape® have long-lasting effects; I am so glad I had the privilege to meet the people and have the experiences that I did.” – Brandon Martinez, third-year scientific and technical communications major, 2012 LeaderShape® alumnus

“LeaderShape® was a life-changing experience. I would highly recommend it to anyone who is looking to better themselves as a leader. The program is structured in such a way that you learn how to become a better leader by first learning about yourself (how you think/make decisions, what your morals are, etc.) and then applying that knowledge to your interactions with others. LeaderShape® gave me opportunities to make connections with other students who share a common goal of bettering the world. Many of these connections have turned into friendships that I believe have changed me for the better.” – Kristin Flickinger, third-year biomedical engineering major, 2013 LeaderShape® alumna

As you can see, LeaderShape® is a truly unique experience that caters to all different kinds of leadership styles, helping students grow and proliferate as confident leaders. For more info, check out  LeaderShape®.

That’s all for this week! If you have any questions or comments about LeaderShape® or other university happenings, please feel free to email me at