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Spring Break Travel and Upcoming Events

February 27, 2014 in Uncategorized

Hello Parents,

I hope you’re all having a great week! Things on campus have been exciting as we head into the halfway point of the semester. Just one more week and your students will already be on Spring Break—well deserved considering the frosty weather we’ve had this past week. Time really does fly when you keep busy, and I’m sure your students are experiencing the same feeling.

Daryl Roberts' America the Beautiful film poster

Daryl Roberts’ America the Beautiful film poster

Speaking of Spring Break, now’s the time for your students to start considering their options for transportation as they travel home or away during break. The Inter-Residence Housing Council (IRHC) sponsors a ride board which allows students to post about carpooling to and from their homes across the state or even across the country. This is great for students who don’t have vehicles, or for student with cars who want to split the drive time and cost of gas. The online student forum, Barkboard, also helps students with carpooling and travel options. Both sites are University sponsored and ensure the confidentiality and safety your student needs when sharing rides with others. Greyhound is also a travel option for students without a vehicle. The bus service travels across the state and proximal midwest and makes stops at various locations along the way. Although this may not be the ideal option for your student due to lengthy travel times, it’s still a viable option to consider.

In addition to Spring Break excitement, there are a plethora of events going on this week, both on campus and within the community. On Tuesday, February 25, director, writer, and producer Daryl Roberts was invited to Tech’s campus to host the first-ever showing of the third installment of his film series, America the Beautiful, which questions the extreme cultural emphasis on beauty and thinness within the United States. Sponsored by Counseling Services and the Association of Psychology Students, this event was hosted during National Eating Disorders Awareness Week, with Counseling providing free and confidential eating disorder screenings. Roberts came to Michigan Tech last year for the showing of the second film in the series, America the Beautiful 2: The Thin Commandments, which was a great opportunity for students to gain more insight on this issue and speak with the filmmaker himself. The triquel of the series, America the Beautiful 3: The Sexualization of Our Youth, brings up issues within our society regarding the sexual stigma that many young girls face in the United States. For more information on Daryl Roberts and his film series, please visit America the Beautiful.

On a different note, the Wadsworth Hall Student Association (WHSA) will be hosting their monthly coffee house/open mic night on Friday, February 28. Any student can show off his or her musical talent by performing songs and musical acts in front of fellow classmates. In addition to music, students can perform comedy routines or read poetry, or express themselves in whichever style of performance they find inspiring (as long as it’s audience appropriate). This is a fun and exciting opportunity for Tech students to showcase their talents and step outside of their comfort zones, and also to just enjoy themselves and have fun. If your student isn’t a performer, it’s still fun to attend and enjoy the entertainment and free refreshments!

The run for the 5th annual Jibba Jabba Rail Jam, taking place this year on March 1.

The run for the annual Jibba Jabba Rail Jam, taking place this year on March 1.

In addition to these two campus events this week, the community-sponsored Jibba Jabba Rail Jam will take place Saturday, March 1. Sponsored by the local business Rhythm Skate Shop, the Jibba Jabba Rail Jam is entering its fifth year. In this event, local snowboarders and skiers have the chance to show off their freestyle skills on homemade rails and jumps. The event takes place on a snow-piled, closed-off road in downtown Houghton—perfect for exhilarating slopes and jumps. Everyone is welcome to participate, and there is no age limit or experience level required to compete. This event brings a lot of spectators and is a fun event for all to enjoy, whether as a competitor or an audience member. For more information on the Jibba Jabba Rail Jam, please visit the City of Houghton Website.

That’s all for this week! I hope your students have been enjoying the sunny weather we’ve been having here. If you have questions about any of the events that I’ve mentioned or have questions about a more specific topic, please feel free to email me at Until next week!