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Now that the new semester has officially kicked off and students are starting to get back into the swing of things, it’s time to start thinking about housing for next year. That’s right everyone, ’tis the season of re-contracting in the residence halls of Michigan Tech. Students have a few decisions to make about their living arrangements for the next academic year. From my experience, living on campus is both fun and convenient! I lived in Wadsworth Hall for my first two years at Michigan Tech, and I made many great memories and lasting friends during that time. On-campus housing really is a great option for students who want to stay closely connected to what’s happening on campus.

Students studying in a residence hall kitchenette

The re-contracting process will be happening throughout the week, so talk with your students about their housing plans. Priority is determined based on the number of credits a student has earned and which housing option a student chooses. A student may elect to stay in the same room, move to a different room in the same house, move to a different room in the same residence hall, or move to a different residence hall. Check out the housing registration timeline for the important dates:

Live in the same room January 21
Unable to live in same room January 22 Students cannot sign up for their same room and are given priority to select another room
Live in a different room in the same house January 23 90+ credits midnight to noon

60 – 89 credits noon to midnight

January 24 30-59 credits midnight to noon

0-29 credits noon to midnight

Live in a different room in the same hall January 25 90+ credits midnight to noon

60 – 89 credits noon to midnight

January 26 30-59 credits midnight to noon

0-29 credits noon to midnight

Live in any hall January 27
Off-Campus January 28
Closed January 30 Sign-up closes at midnight; After this date you may sign up by visiting 153 Wadsworth Hall
April 1 Waiting List: You will be considered after first-year students.

To check the number of credits that they have, not including those they are enrolled in for the current semester, students can visit Banweb. Once students sign up for a room, they have the option of requesting a roommate. The person that they request will then receive an email, and will have the opportunity to either accept or deny the request.

Should a student decide to re-contract after January 30, he or she must go the Housing Office in 153 Wadsworth Hall. To access the sign-up for on-campus housing website from January 21 to 30, students should go to and click the sign-up icon. Students will be asked to enter their ISO login information. After selecting a room to live in for the next academic year, students will then be able to sign their housing contracts electronically.

Each year, Housing and Residential Life holds a video contest that allows students to explain why they enjoy living in the residence halls. To see this year’s winners and learn more about why the residence halls are a great place to live, check out the YouToo contest page.

Also coming up this week, is Heikinpäivä, a festival celebrating Saint Henrik, the patron saint of Finland. The festival takes place annually just across the bridge from Michigan Tech in Hancock. There will be food, games, a parade, and Finnish cultural displays. To learn more about the event, visit the festival schedule.

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  1. Travis, My son is lives in Wads, 5th floor suites and has been told that that hall will be undergoing major changes. I do not want to spread rumors or misconceptions could you tell us about the changes and the reasons for them. Thanks

    • Hi Melissa,

      I apologize for the delayed response! I’m checking into this and I’ll be sure to let you know as soon as I get an answer.

      Thank you for your question!