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Summer Preparation

July 25, 2012 in Academics, Communication, Community, Events, Housing

Summer Preparation!

At this time of the summer, I assume many of you are beginning to get anxious about what to pack and how best to help your student prepare for move-in weekend here at Michigan Tech. In about a month, Michigan Tech students will kick off their fall semester. If you are looking for further information about room assignments and hall information, please visit the Housing website to access this. The Housing website offers many great options for you and your students to look over, especially first-year students. You can take a photo tour of some of the residence halls, gain further information about dining services and living options, and read over some frequently asked questions.

What to/not to pack?
I strongly encourage students to begin the packing process as soon as possible. Taking time to make a list is a great idea, as it really helps to make sure you have covered everything and are not leaving anything behind. When thinking about what to pack as a first-year student, it may become a bit hectic. So parents, here are some overall categories to help break it down.

Academic supplies
Notebook, binders, sticky notes, highlighters, pens, pencils, backpack, stamps/envelopes, stapler, etc.

Room Items
Bedding (twin extra long to fit your residence hall mattress), small refrigerator, microwave, cleaning supplies, small garbage bags, tools, towels, and I would consider plenty of storage containers–you can never have enough! Storage containers are a huge help. You can use them under your bed, in the bottom of your wardrobe/closet, and as drawer dividers. They will help your student utilize all of their space.

Electronic items
Computer, possibly a printer (although you have access to printers at computer labs on campus), external hard drive, power strips, calculators, coaxial cable, alarm clock, camera, and a television.

Personal Items
Medications, shower caddy, first aid kit, and toiletry items.

Clothing Items
Students should be sure to pack some warm attire! Make sure they bring warm winter coat, boots, hats, and gloves. Laundry rooms are available in each residence hall. Washing machines are free to all students and dryers are .25 cents per load. So, be sure your student brings laundry soap, dryer sheets, stain remover, quarters, and a laundry bag.

Miscellaneous Items
Last but not least, don’t forget your miscellaneous items. Students should be sure to bring their social security card, photo ID, health insurance card, and batteries. (And a snow shovel!)

Students will need their SS card and their ID if they would like to work on campus.

Leave at home
Candles, electric heaters, toaster, and toaster oven/hot plate.

Summer Reading

In preparation for the college experience, all first-year students are required to read the Summer Reading as Inquiry book. This year’s book is Little Princes: One Man’s Promise to Bring Home the Lost Children of Nepal, by Conor Grennan. This past week, postcards were sent out to all first-year students providing them with more information on this program. During Orientation week, first-year students will sit down with their Orientation team and one staff or faculty member and have a group discussion about this reading. There will also be a Summer Reading as Inquiry session for parents and family members. The book is great, so I encourage you to read it!

I hope you all are as excited for the fall semester as I am! I cannot wait to see new faces on campus and to work directly with first-year incoming students. Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

-Samantha Allen,