Keweenaw Day and Rideboard

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The first week of classes are officially over  at Michigan Tech! Last week’s activities of Welcome Week seemed to go over very well for all the students on campus. It was a great way for students to get back into the groove of things and become acquainted with each other again.  Students were able to really enjoy their long weekend here, thanks to Labor Day,  and seemed to take advantage of the beautiful outdoors by adventuring through the Keweenaw, having bonfires at the beach and camping despite the chilly weather!

Keweenaw Day

K-Day 2010 photo from Student Activities

Keweenaw Day will take place at McLain State Park this Friday and students will be released from class at 12:00 p.m.  K-Day, short for Keweenaw Day, is one of Michigan Tech’s longstanding traditions that takes place every September and provides an opportunity for students  to check out all the student organizations offered on campus,  with many showcasing demonstrations or displays  to really get the students interested in their organizations.

Last year at K-Day there was a lot of free food, great live music, and other fun activities. Many of the booths at K-Day will have prizes, give-a-ways and fun activities. These student organizations range from Greek organizations, services groups, club sports, academic organizations, and much more. Our University has over 220 student organizations, which provides an opportunity for  everyone to get involved.

K-Day 2010 photo from Student Activities

Students have two options for getting out to McLain, they can take their own cars or take the free shuttle bus. The shuttles leave from the Memorial Union Building every half hour, beginning at 12:00 p.m. I would recommend if possible for students to take the free shuttle bus, it saves them the trouble of trying to find a place to park.

I would strongly encourage all students to take time to head out to K-Day and check out the organizations. Many of my greatest memories so far as a student have come from being a member of student organizations. I have met so many great people who have similar interests as I and have been given so many amazing opportunities in leadership development. For more information about the student organizations available at Michigan Tech, check out the Student Organization website.

IRHC Rideboard

Lately, I have seen many questions regarding Michigan Tech’s IRHC Rideboard . I thought I would give you a quick update on this website and how your students can utilize it. This website was designed for Michigan Tech students looking to carpool with other students to get to and from various locations. When you log into the website there are a few key options to use. You can choose to browse listings, search listings, or create your own listing.  If your student is looking to find a ride with a certain criteria, they can choose the search option and choose exactly what they are looking for. If they just want to browse the site to see what rides are being offered or needed they can  choose to browse the listings. The last option would be to create a listing. They need to follow a few short steps which will help them make a listing on the website. The rideboard  website is very helpful for students who are looking to maybe save some money and carpool for long distance trips! Make sure you have your students check it out.

Please email me if you have any questions or concerns.

-Samantha Allen

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