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Spring Course Registration and Health Information

October 28, 2009 in Academics, Community, Events, Health & Safety


Although it may seem as though your student is just now starting to get into the swing of things this semester, Spring Course Registration is quickly approaching. According to the Registration Priority Schedule registration opens Thursday, October 29 at 10 p.m. and closes on Sunday, November 15 at 12 a.m. Graduate students have the first opportunity to register on Thursday, October 29 and then the following days undergraduate students are permitted to register based on the number of credits they have completed. Planning for Spring Course Registration is a great time for students to set up a meeting with their academic adviser to go over career plans and potential course choices. First year students can attend First Year Advising Meetings in which academic advisors will hold a large group meeting with the first year students of each particular degree program. I would strongly encourage that each student schedule an appointment with their academic advisor to fill out their degree program flow chart so they have a good idea of what semester they will be graduating, what degree requirements they still need to fulfill, and whether or not they need any waivers to register for the Spring Semester. Academic advisors are a great resource, with a lot of knowledge and experience regarding courses and career pathways. It is to your students advantage to get to know them!

Health Information

Over the past couple of weeks there has been much concern over the H1N1 flu, however, Michigan Tech has been taking several precautions to decrease the spread of the H1N1 flu and other illnesses. The most recent precaution the university has taken to decrease the spread of H1N1 was the canceling of Safehouse, Michigan Tech’s annual Halloween event. As another precaution the university has purchased respirator masks for students. Currently students that live on campus may go to their Residence Hall Reception Desk and get a respirator mask free of charge. There has also been several hand sanitizer stations placed throughout the Residence Halls for students to use at their convenience. In addition, students have been encouraged to visit the H1N1 Flu Information page on the Michigan Tech website to learn more about the possibility of upcoming H1N1 flu vaccinations, how to prevent getting H1N1, and what symptoms to look for. Michigan Tech is prepared to be accommodating to students who have H1N1 by no longer requiring faculty to obtain doctor’s notes from students to be dismissed from class. If a student has H1N1 they should go to the “Tell us You’re Sick” tab under the H1N1 Flu Information page. This tab will redirect to the student’s Banweb account where they can log in and fill out a form stating that they have the flu. The Dean of Students will then notify each of the student’s instructors via email.

Remember, to avoid the flu the best things you can do are wash your hands frequently, avoid others who are ill, practice respiratory etiquette, and get lots of rest!

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions please feel free to email me. Have a great week and stay healthy! -Angela