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Planning Ahead

July 26, 2015 in Uncategorized

Hello, parents! This week has been a pretty nice one in the Keweenaw (most weeks in the summer up here seem to be that way).  I hope everyone has been doing well and is enjoying the summer. We’re over half way through it and I’ve already seen school supplies out at the stores, crazy to think there’s only one month until move in day and first year orientation!

As we are getting so close to the beginning of a new school year here at Michigan Tech, I just wanted to share some things for you and your student to keep in mind. One of the best tips I could give anyone starting school is to make a game plan. Even if it doesn’t work out exactly like you want it to, it is useful to try and plan out when you will study, when you will eat and keep those things consistent. The change from high school to college life, especially living in the residence halls, can lead to falling behind. Another option for the start of a new year is to go and meet new people. It could be the people that live around you or someone you met by going to a different club meeting, you never know where or when you could meet new friends. This article, from Buzzfeed, provides some more tips to surviving in your first year of college. Not everything works for everyone, the trick is figuring out what works for each student.

The idea of having a car to be able to make late night food runs or explore the area in any free time is one that can be very

The traditional first year student photo taken as part of orientation 2014.

The traditional first year student photo taken as part of orientation 2014.

appealing. There are quite a few students who bring cars to campus and there is a registration process for vehicles. If your student does plan on having a car with them, check this site for information and to be added to the wait list for resident parking. There is also information provided for commuter parking as well as bicycle registration.

Orientation helps students build a foundation for the rest of their time at Michigan Tech, while they also get to know the campus better and make connections with their fellow students.  If your student is a first year who will be going through orientation, follow this link which will take you to the orientation website.

There are so many things to do before school starts that it can be overwhelming. By planning ahead, you can get an idea of what is needed, what can wait and how to figure it all out. If there are any questions about any of this information or anything else, you can email me at esleclai@mtu.edu.