If you have already registered, just log in with your username and password by entering them in the fields to the right. Click on “Sign Up” or “create an account” if you have not yet registered. Once logged in, the login form will be replaced by your avatar, display name, and a Log Out link.

Posting a New Topic/Question

After logging in, you can post a new topic or question to ParentNet by clicking the “Post to ParentNet” button, or selecting the “+ New” -> Post option in the navigation at the top of the page. This will take you to the post entry screen. Follow these steps to create a successful post.

  1. Enter a title into the first field. This is the same as an email subject.
  2. Enter your topic/question into the large field area below the title. You can format this post using the buttons above the text entry area.
  3. Enter any tags you wish to use in the Tags section in the right column. Tags are simple keywords that people may refer to when searching for or viewing your post.
  4. Select any categories that your post applies to. Several categories have been created for you to use.
  5. Once ready, click the Publish button it when you’re ready to post your topic or question. You can also click “Save Draft” to save your post and return to it later.

New posts should only be created when you wish to ask a new question or begin a new discussion. To participate in an already existing post, go to that post and leave a comment on it. The comment will be visible by all logged in ParentNet users.

Your Profile

When logged in, you can access your profile by clicking your name to the right. Your profile consists of the following:


This section allows you to view your personal activity. You can also find activity by your members you have added as friends and by groups you have joined.


This is where your personal information is located. This information is only visible to logged in users. A user must be registered and logged in to ParentNet to see your information. You can change who can see what information. From this section you can edit your profile information as well as change your profile picture (avatar).


You can send and receive private messages with other users on ParentNet. This is where you can go to view your inbox or send messages. You may also receive occasional notices. Notices are messages sent to all users from the system administrator.


You can add and manage friends on ParentNet. Adding someone as a friend allows your to more easily communicate with them and to view more of their profile information.


You can create and join various groups on ParentNet. Each group has their page and activity wall. Groups can be public in which any user can join and participate; private in which only invited members can join and participate or users can request to join; or hidden in which users will only see, join, or participate in if a moderator sends them an invitation to join.


Here you can change your email address and password, set your preferred email notifications, or delete your account.

ParentNet Weekly

ParentNet Weekly is a blog of weekly articles written by a current Michigan Tech student. By default, all users are set to receive an email notification when a new article is posted. You can change your digest settings on your Settings page.

Should you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to ask any Michigan Tech Official Representative or join the Suggestions and Improvements group.