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The 2015 Michigan Tech Concrete Canoe Team

June 26, 2015 in Uncategorized

Hello Parents, I hope you’re all having a great week! Everything in Houghton has been going wonderfully this week, as students are preparing to  take their Track A final exams, Summer Youth Program campers have taken hold of the campus, and prospective students tour the campus to learn more about Michigan Tech. The weather here [...]

Michigan Tech News

A Michigan Tech student meets with a representative of Cliffs Natural Resources during Steel Days in 2014.

Career FEST Begins September 3

September 1, 2015

For several years, the twice-yearly Career Fairs at Michigan Technological University have provided a setting for hundreds of companies, leaders in their respective fields, to find the recruits they’re looking for. The Fall and Spring Fairs bring recruiters to the Houghton campus offering undergraduate and graduate students jobs, co-ops, internships and a host of career-defining opportunities.

For the first time this year, the University is making Career Fairs the centerpieces of dozens of events throughout  the school year.

Career FEST

The inaugural Career FEST kicks off Industry Days on Sept. 3. Over the ensuing eight weeks, Industry Days will give students . . .

Payscale.com ranks small schools with a STEM focus high for mid-career salaries of graduates.

Michigan Tech Top Public University in State for Mid-Career Earnings of Graduates

August 28, 2015

Michigan Technological University ranks first among public universities in Michigan for the mid-career salaries earned by its graduates. In Payscale.com’s latest College Salary Report, Michigan Tech also ranked 13th nationwide for mid-career salaries of graduates of public universities and 20th in the nation for mid-career engineering salaries.

Payscale.com ranks schools based on the median mid-career salary of their bachelor’s degree graduates.  The website, which analyzes earnings, defines mid-career as 10 years or more of work in a field. Median means that half of those surveyed earned more and half earned less.

Mid-career Salary

The median mid-career salary reported for Michigan Tech . . .