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Halloween, Broomball, and Jazz

October 31, 2014 in Uncategorized

Hello Parents, I hope you’re all having a great Halloween week! The weather here has been overcast and gloomy, which is reflective of the campus atmosphere as burnt-out, yet insistent, students trudge deeper and deeper into the semester in search of Thanksgiving break. Fall colors are beginning to fade in preparation of the coming winter, [...]

Michigan Tech News

Doing Research in a War Zone

October 28, 2014

Engineers and scientists at Michigan Technological University run into all kinds of roadblocks as they work to move their research from concept to actuality, but exploding rockets aren’t usually one of them.

When Jeremy Goldman took his family to Israel to work on his research on bioabsorbable cardiovascular stents, missiles flying overhead were just one of the facts of war that they had to worry about.  Other concerns included terrorists crawling through tunnels, suicide bombers, riots, etc.

“We did not feel in immediate danger, but there was always a general sense of threat,” says the associate professor of biomedical engineering, who . . .

Undead U: A Zombie Symposium Explores Why Zombies Fascinate Us.

Undead U at Michigan Tech Thursday

October 27, 2014

Don’t be alarmed if you see zombies roaming the Michigan Technological University campus on Thursday night. They’re not looking for tricks or treats; they’re probably  attending Undead U: A Zombie Symposium

Michigan Tech hosted the first Undead U symposium last year, and Undead U returns to campus on Thursday, Oct. 30, at 7:30 p.m. in Fisher Hall 139, featuring a lineup of actual zombie scholars from across the nation. Talks will touch on the history of zombie epidemics, why zombies in popular culture look the way they do and what it might be like to be a zombie.

. . .